Really pleased to support John Ford at the launch of his book, Rudolph Ackermann and the Regency World at the British Museum's Print Room. Ackermann was a pioneering designer and entrepreneur during those exciting Regency years when London led the world innovating across the creative, technological and cultural spectrums. We have worked with author and historian John Ford for years. If you’re interested in British style and taste, buy his book here:

Designed a pocket-sized leaflet for guests at today’s official launch of the AMR Centre at Alderley Park. This is the latest component of our work with AMR Centre to create their identity and provide ongoing marketing support.

We're prototyping a board game as part of a proof of concept exercise for a new brand. All playing cards will be face up (unlike bridge, poker etc) meaning that a game of chance becomes, in theory at least, a game of skill. We like that. But the next phase is ascertaining whether lots of others agree.

Our number nine has just been painted by our gifted sign writer Rob Oldfield. Naturally we agonised over designing an appropriate 9 for the front of the building and think we have a wonderful solution with a strong nod to its Georgian origins. Thank you Rob.

There’s also a matching "St Oswald’s House" for the private side of the building in wonderfully wide and masculine Roman capitals.

We love hand lettered signs and this is a recent example of our work for Beaver Furniture. The logo and fonts are all set from artwork as if for printing but it’s painted by hand ensuring accuracy to the company’s identity but with a wonderful crafted feel.

We have just refreshed the Spirit of Squash identity and redesigned its web site All part of helping to give London’s children the chance to play squash, to learn and to lead.

After 15 years we have tweaked our own identity, now capitalising all letters to BEBRAND, and creating a beautiful logotype to reflect the new style. Our supporting typography and colour scheme have also changed along with this web site. Thank you team for your creativity and diligence!

We have co-designed a range of home accessories for Beaver Furniture and today launched an e-commerce platform for their sale. See where you will find candle holders, trays, cheeseboards and photo frames for online purchase. Beautiful handmade gifts for your family and friends. has launched today, the digital hub for the UK’s response to the global threat from Antimicrobial Resistance. Designed and developed by BEBRAND, it builds on the striking visual identity we created earlier this year having already coined their name - The AMR Centre.

It’s wonderful to be working again with Joe Morgan and team at C&M. Joe, on Savile Row since 1971, is once again building a business that will be the future of British tailoring. His is a brand built on craft, innovation and style — with a huge dose of magic.