Peter DaleIdentity, PrintJan 2016 - Present

Great design endures and we’re delighted to be able to resurrect this monogram, originally designed by Algernon Asprey in 1961 and set in gold into a pair of ebony hairbrushes. The gentleman for whom the brushes were originally made came to us for a calling card and wanted the monogram to form the basis of the new stationery. We scanned the brush, digitised the monogram, enhanced some of the curves to allow for the change in scale from the original goldsmith’s work to something that can be printed at any size, and now present a new symbol, fit for use in the 21st century. We’ve paired the monogram with Joanna Sans Nova, a beautiful new font interpreting Eric Gill’s original Joanna typeface and available from Monotype.

We specialise in this kind of elegant typography, digitising distinctive often heraldic designs of yesteryear and creating new artwork that can be used digitally. We also have an immense team of craftsmen who can use traditional skills of hand engraving or carving to realise the design in exotic materials. The embossing and letterpress printing have been done by our friends at Solways.